2-Night Silent Retreat

Join us for an introduction to silence, stillness & deep mindfulness.

2-Night Silent Retreat


An introduction to silence, stillness & deep mindfulness

We’ve built some of the most comprehensive silent retreat programs in Australia. Here is our promise to you – if you don’t find you gain value through one of our programs, we’ll refund your money…

The World Happiness Reports of the last decade have shown that people are becoming increasingly unhappy. To quote economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, ‘we are in an era of rising tensions and negative emotions.’ But why? Our medicine continues to advance, as does our quality of life and technology.

‘It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.’ ― Eckhart Tolle

It seems we’re missing something. Something that we perhaps once had. This is a sphere where we can turn back and look to ancient practices (backed by modern science) for answers.

This retreat has been designed to aid and guide you into tapping into the missing piece of the puzzle: your own limitless source of joy.

We designed this program to make experiencing this a regular part of your life. You’ll finally witness change – not through someone else’s words or experience, but through your own.

Our silent 2-night retreat goes deep into the introductory layer of mind exploration An initial step into silence, this program is potentially more of a starting block than our more in-depth 3-night offerings.
Often our lives shift from one thing to the next, without us having any awareness of what’s taking place within us. The question then arises: what causes our habit patterns, automated responses, or our reactions to situations?
How can actually go about creating real change, or accessing real peace? How can we really deal with our ‘stuff’ and finally let go? How can we create lasting positive change?

Our 2-night silent retreat has been carefully designed to answer each one of these questions. An introductory path into silence, it is guaranteed to touch upon the internal processes of transformation. The course offers a scientific, spiritual, and philosophical approach to discovering presence. It promotes a kickstart to changing habit patterns from reaction, to observation & acceptance. It’s here that we can begin to create real lasting change.


Arrival Day 1

Day 2
Final morning

What could this do for you?

– Provide an introduction to the world of silent meditation
– Allow you to tap into deeper joy
– Give you a taste of inner practices and techniques for self-mastery
– Act as a building block for our more in-depth 3-night meditation course
– Provide tools to assist in working through your past
– Allow access to a deeper sense of peace
– Shift limiting thought patterns to thoughts that serve and help achieve your goals
– Enhance your sense of gratitude
– Initiate deep relaxation
– Increase efficiency & efficacy in your day-to-day life
– Evoke deep mindfulness
We’ve tried and tested this program with incredible results. So today, we invite you to start your soul journey with us.

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