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The Soul Journey Retreats Story

About Us

The Beginning

Himanshu began the practise of mind exploration from a very young age. At only fifteen years old he took his first solo trip to India, where he ended up spending three months in an ashram on the sacred banks of the Ganges River.
It was here that he discovered a sense of peace and love, at a level that he had never accessed before. This was the starting point of Himanshu’s deeper, intentional spiritual journey. Following this trip, he spent the next three years visiting India for long durations each time. He was lucky enough to study under some incredible spiritual teachers, choosing a life aligned with monkhood for several years.
From the age of seventeen, Himanshu began attending Vipassana (silent meditation) retreats. Fast forwarding to today, and Himanshu’s now lived for years collectively in these meditation centres. Having sat and served in dozens of silent retreats, to say he has experience in venturing deep into the mind, is an understatement. He has been on many quests to discover and understand why and how the mind, body and emotions operate as they do.
A huge transition occurred when Himanshu entered the corporate world. Working across various start-ups and businesses, he eventually came to head strategy and sales for multiple global companies. He had reached ‘success,’ in a societal sense. Yet… something always felt as though it was missing. Life had its ups-and-downs as it does, and the whole while Himanshu felt a call for deeper purpose. This often led him back to India for extended periods and different spiritual journeys.

Finding Soul Journey

A few years ago, Himanshu made the decision to follow his purpose, choosing to focus on his role of teaching and sharing his experience with others.
Soul Journey Retreats are the culmination of over twenty years of experience, learning and applied wisdom. This is a project in which Himanshu’s passion and purpose come to life. He finds no greater joy than in aiding others with the techniques and practices that have transformed his own life. Firmly believing that every being has the right to an experience of deep joy, it has become Himanshu’s mission to make this happen.

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