At Soul Journey, we believe in the importance of a balanced lifestyle. This is intentionally translated into our food offerings to guests. We personally ensure that in the precious time we spend together, your meals are best aligned with your wellbeing practice.
We serve hearty, homestyle meals (all in a buffet-style so you certainly won’t go hungry!). Adapting yogic and ayurvedic traditions, our meals are primarily vegan and cruelty free. Inspired specifically from the Saatvic diet, there are limitations on use of onion and garlic. This results in a cleansing culinary experience, positively impacting the nervous system, as well as your meditative experience.
We’re passionate about the benefits of a vegetarian and nutritional diet – and so we invite you to explore the diverse tastes naturally offered by our mother earth.

Guest Options

If you have any allergies such as gluten, dairy, nuts or a vegan diet – we can certainly accommodate you, with prior notice. Please feel free to shoot us a message with any questions.

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