Soul Journey Experience

Come and refresh your entire being

First and foremost, we specialise in silent meditation retreats. Our other offerings include couples retreats (coming soon), as well as fun yoga and meditation retreats. Each of our tailored programs incorporates both a spiritual and scientific approach to growth, development and peace.

We provide an environment for you to go deep, to understand what’s really happening within. We give you tools to gain insight, understanding and methods to work with emotions and trauma. These gifts will allow you to become more present, effective and truly happy in your overall being.
In the same space, for those seeking a lighter (equally precious) experience, we provide a fun environment where friends or individuals can come to simply unwind in the space of yoga, meditation and games. It’s a place to relax, de-stress and tap into your own unlimited reservoir of joy

Why Us?

We are not your normal retreat centre! Even our lighter programs allow guests to gain real transformation, as well as tools to take home. Many of us hear concepts like presence, mindfulness and so on. We’ve read the words of authors like Eckhart Tolle and Dr Joe Dispenza, but all too often they escape us.
Soul Journey Retreats allows people to understand and actually experience those concepts. As a retreater, you’ll be shown the art of replacing limiting thought habits with ones that actually serve you to cultivate clarity, space in the mind, peace and connection.
As facilitators, we have unique knowledge, understanding and lived experience. All of which naturally flows into our work, and your unique experience with us.

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